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Exercise Based Therapy

Physical activities designed to restore function and flexibility, improve strength and decrease pain.

1. Resistance band exercise

Resistance bands can be used in physical therapy to isolate strength training to particular muscles that have been impacted as a result of surgical or a non-surgical injury or ailment.

2. Core exercises

Training for core stability places an emphasis on the whole-body stabilisation or muscular activation.

3. Ball exercises

Your core strength, postural stability, and sensory processing can all be improved with the help of a therapeutic ball when used under an expert guidance.

4. Cuff weight & free weight exercises

Weight Cuff serves as a strengthening programme. Weight cuffs are useful for usage in therapy that involves muscle building and training.

5. Weight bearing exercises

 Your muscles and bones sustain your weight against gravity while you engage in these activities to keep you upright.

6. Stretching exercises

Static stretching improves range of motion (ROM), decreases musculotendinous stiffness, relaxes and lengthens muscles, and lowers the incidence of acute muscle strain injuries. It is a slow, controlled movement with a focus on alignment and postural awareness.

7. Balance & proprioceptive exercises

Exercises for balance and proprioception aid in the development of strength and mobility. Additionally, these workouts aid in joint stabilisation and enhanced neuromuscular coordination.

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